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Things to Know

Your health is our priority

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We observe CovidSafe practices at the clinic to keep you, your family and our staff safe. As such, to ensure your safety as well as that of our staff, only one additional person other than yourself is recommended to accompany you to the clinic. We have a comfortable waiting area in the clinic.

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Before You Arrive

A referral and a standard prescription from a General Practitioner or a Specialist is required to have an infusion or a venesection.

Your doctor will have access to either a paper referral form or can locate one on our website. To facilitate your visit, we ask that you send us a scanned / photocopy of your referral and prescription at least a day before your appointment. This will help us make the necessary arrangements to receive you and move directly to your infusion session without delay.


The Infusion Process

Prior to the initiation of your infusion, our infusion nurse will record your vital health parameters like height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and other parameters depending on the information on your referral form.

Your medication will be administered through a cannula or needle inserted into a vein. Depending on the type of medication, the delivery of the medicine is controlled by a pump to ensure a consistent and safe administration. You will be closely monitored throughout the infusion process. Allocate at least an hour for the entire process from check in to departure from the clinic. This time may be longer depending on the type of medication you receive.

To ensure an optimum infusion experience, please hydrate yourself by drinking enough water some hours prior to your treatment. Should you have any reason to limit fluid intake, please seek appropriate advice from your doctor.

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Fees and Payment

Payment is made at the clinic. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos. Prices vary depending on the type of infusion you require. Our reception staff will advise you on the out-of-pocket cost for your prescribed infusion treatment during the appointment setting. Please note that the infusion cost does not include the cost of medication.


Your Medication

You can purchase your medication from your regular pharmacy with your prescription and bring it along with you to the clinic on the day of infusion. Should you choose, we also can arrange for your prescription medicine to be delivered to the clinic on the day of your infusion by Slade Health. You will receive a tax invoice from Slade Health that you need to pay to them directly for the medication. Please note that this arrangement is purely for patient convenience. Medical Infusions Australia does not benefit financially in any way from this service.

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